Colorado Adventure Point offers a variety of classes for groups of five or more participants. We can arrange private classes at any time - just ask!

Wilderness First Aid

Guided by our ECSI certified instructor, participants will earn their wilderness first aid certification. Students must pass an examination at the end of class to be certified. The Wilderness First Aid (WFA), two-day training course includes a series of short lectures and realistic practice scenarios that help students master the central concepts of wilderness medicine. This course teaches students how to respond and manage patients in an emergency for up to four hours or until a higher level of care arrives. 


    Join CAP for a comprehensive introductory course on identifying and utilizing the wild edible and medicinal plants found here in our own backyards. This program is offered in two parts, Part I: Identification and Part II: Utilization. Each Part consists of 4 days in the field over the course of 4 weeks each.

    The basic competencies of this program include:

    • Leave No Trace and how it applies to harvesting wild edible and medicinal plants.
    • Basic concepts of Identification and plant family keywords. (How to identify plants without a field guide.)
    • Approximately 10-20 new useful or toxic plants, shrubs, and trees identified each day throughout the course.
    • Opportunities to smell and taste wild plants while safely supervised.
    • Differentiating Native, Nonnative, and Invasive species.
    • Understanding common constituents and chemicals found in plant families.
    • Introduction to botanical terms; lifecycle durations, types of leaves, types of flowers, types of roots and tubers.
    • Scavenger hunts and opportunities to practice new skills in the field!


    Archery is like any other Martial Art: It relies on control of the body and the spirit.

    At Donald E. Scott Colorado Adventure Point (CAP), our instructor will lead you in meditation to improve your skill at Archery through mastering your self-control and your focus. This empowering class will teach you how to shoot a bow and arrow while also reinforcing your self-discipline.

    All equipment is provided and no experience with archery is required, just a willingness to listen and ask questions.


    1 Hour Classes

    These classes include an intro to bouldering and slacklining and get you in a harness and on a wall for 50 minutes. Different routes will be opened depending on each group’s skill level.

    2 Hour Classes

    Choose from four focused classes:

    • Intro to Rappelling
      • In this class, we teach the technique and equipment of rappelling. Our indoor 2-story gym is equipped with a custom-built rappel platform perfect for first-timers or anyone looking to refresh their skills. We practice with floor-mounted anchors as well as ceiling-mounted anchors so that our participants get experience with a variety of styles and difficulties.
    • Intro to Climbing Technique
      • Do you want to learn to climb 5.7? 5.10? Do you know what those numbers mean? Whether you are a complete beginner or know just enough to get into trouble, this class is ideal for those looking to learn rock climbing in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. You will learn the basics of technical climbing technique and vocabulary in our instructional gym with friendly and knowledgable instructors.
    • Intro to Sport Lead Climbing
      • Take your climbing to the next level as we lead you through this introduction to sport climbing. In our gym, we always back up sport climbing with a top rope belay, so you can practice this advanced skill with complete safety. By the end of this class, you will have all of the knowledge and practice to be able to pass a standard lead test in a commercial climbing gym or go climbing outdoors with your friends! (This class requires 3+ people)

    Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact our Program Director for custom options: