Supplemental Home-Based learning

Supplement your home-based schooling with CAP!

Are you a virtual cohort,  cluster-based or homeschool group looking for a site and/or program provider?

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This school year looks very different for many families. As your family adjusts to virtual learning, blended learning or completely homeschooling your children, CAP is here to offer our services as a supplemental enrichment provider! Open the toggles below to review our general class offerings. 

Need more in-depth information? Check out our comprehensive overview of program options, which includes Academic Standards met for each activity. CAP is available to build custom programs of any length to help educator and inspire your child. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch about the opportunities for your family – with costs as low as $5/ hour per child!

As we grow our services, we hope to meet the unique needs of this year’s families and students. Have you checked out our During and Afterschool Enrichment? Alternatively, if there is a program or activity that you would like to have at CAP, be sure to let us know!

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Cooking through Chemistry – Did you realize that a lot of cooking is really chemistry in disguise? This course will walk participants through a given recipe, and then host a lesson and discussion on the chemistry behind it.

STEM – This program is very dynamic, with a variety of activity options. It can be made as academic as you desire, but will definitely be fun! We can do activities that address a variety of topics, as STEM itself is so diverse . These activities can include homemade ice cream, exothermic volcanoes or an egg drop, but we have many more as well. 

General Chemistry – With a variety of shorter activities and lessons, from Exploring Ice Cream to Exothermic Elephants and Strawberry DNA, your participants can experience a variety of interactive and educational lessons that make chemistry fun!

Physics – The best way to learn physics is to see and make things happen. Explore physics through interactive lessons such as Can Implosions, Polymer Putty and more! Our instructors can facilitate activities that address a variety of physics concepts from phases of matter, to energy and mechanics. 

Engineering – From building bridges to programming computers to toasting bread, engineering is everywhere in our daily lives. This class will give participants a variety of exercises and hands-on activities that involve engineering concepts.

Sustainability – With a growing interest in sustainable practices, this hands-on lesson emphasizes the importance of the environment, and how to make small changes in our daily lives to become more sustainable citizens. 

Robots and Technology – As drones become more and more prominent, it’s hard to not see robots everywhere. In this unique class, participants get to program a robot, and send it through a course of their own design. No prior knowledge or experience in programming is necessary.

Real World Math – Ever heard the complaint that school math classes don’t teach you how to do taxes or balance a budget? Well CAP will! Learn about taxes, finances, budgeting, interest rates and loans in this handy class!

Climbing – Participants get to learn the fundamentals of climbing, including safety and technique, as well as belaying and bouldering. In addition to being fun exercise, this can be a unique way for participants to learn about physics, pulleys, force and other topics. 

Archery – Learn the basics of archery using bows and arrows in our archery lab. Participants also have the opportunity to learn how physics concepts such as velocity, angles and force can be used to improve.

Air Rifle and BB Gun Shooting – With options for both air rifles and BB guns, our range and instructors can accommodate all skills and abilities (including beginners). Classes on home firearm safety, as well as air rifle care and maintenance are also available.  


Team-building – Engage in a variety of fun and challenging group activities that will improve the communication, teamwork and cooperation skills of your students. Popular exercises include Human Knot, Evolution Rock Paper Scissors, and Group ABCs.

Wilderness Survival and First Aid – Learn how to prepare for, avoid and address emergency and life-threatening situations in this hands-on class. Students will learn about building and starting fires, collecting food, locating water, managing navigation and finding or building shelter. This is a highly-adaptive class to fit the desired needs of a given group.

Shelter-building – An expansion of the shelter-building lesson introduced in the Wilderness class, this option focuses heavily on the history, engineering, techniques and improvements for building a structure from scratch, with a hands-on opportunity for students to create their own shelter from provided materials. (*This can be an extension to the Wilderness class, or a standalone program.)

Cooking – Educate students about food safety, proper cooking technique, nutrition and more. If desired, the class can also teach students about meal planning and shopping. Of course, this program also involves preparing something to eat and enjoy!

Zombie Survival – Learn how to survive anything- including the zombie apocalypse! With an eclectic mixture of lessons in survival skills, science, first aid and adventure, this course would benefit anyone running from a zombie mob.

Leatherworking – Students will get the basics of leatherworking, with an introduction to the tools and history associated with the practice. After learning a variety of techniques, everyone will get to create a customized bracelet to take home. 

Woodworking and Woodcarving – One of our more unique and popular classes, this program enables students to learn how to use a variety of woodworking and carving tools, and create a creative take-home project.

Metalworking – For a truly hands-on activity, metalworking is a great choice. With options ranging from smelting and casting, to blacksmithing and welding, there are choices for every experience level. This class also allows participants the option of casting a take-home project.

Pottery and Sculpture – Students get to unleash their creativity as they create something out of clay. Day 1 will entail students creating and decorating their project, and on Day 2 they can pick up their fired creation. The class will also educate participants on the history of pottery.