Cap and covid-19

In this unusual time, cap is committed to prioritizing safety as we continue to deliver our programs at the same level of quality and engagement!

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In order to best serve our community, CAP is currently offering both virtual and in-person classes. The in-person programs are being held with additional precautions and capacity restrictions, read more below. In addition, our availability for birthday parties, adventure overnights and custom adventures is open! Contact us or visit our registration calendar to schedule your adventure today!

Our virtual program options can be found here.


  • How is CAP basing protocols related to youth programming with COVID-19?

We are following the protocols recommended by the CDC, State of Colorado Department of Public Health, and American Camp Association. We are within Jefferson County and will therefore follow their protocols

  • Are you requiring masks?  

It is currently required by law in the state of Colorado that any child over the age of 10 years old must wear a mask. Children under 10 years of age are strongly encouraged but it is not mandatory. If children are not wearing masks, social distancing will be enforced.

  • Are you checking temperatures, or requiring parents to check temperatures before camp?  

Yes, we have a temperature scanner that reads temperatures from foreheads. This will be done at drop off (which will take place in front of the building, before entering). A staff member will be receiving arrivals at the front of the building. We ask that parents do not enter the building.

  • How will you group the children? Will they interact with other groups?

For most programs, we will group of youth that enters our facility will be kept in cohorts according to their program and/or age. Per recommendations, we will have the children in groups of no more than 15 for indoor activities. This ratio will be upheld for the afternoon activity time as well, with groups rotating between rooms throughout the day and/or week after the spaces are properly cleaned.

  • Can my child be in the same group as their sibling or friend? 

Yes. If you would like your child to be with another registered participant, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Will CAP be limiting kids sharing tools or other communal surfaces?

All tools, materials, classrooms, etc. will be cleaned between cluster use. Materials, spaces, etc. will be cleaned according to CDC guidelines.

Have more questions? Reach out and we will be happy to answer them!